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For Immediate Release: May 4, 2010

VTA Awards $200k Broadband Grant to Cloud Alliance

The Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) has awarded a $200,000 grant to Cloud Alliance, LLC to expand broadband in the towns of Woodbury, Hardwick, and Wolcott. Cloud Alliance currently offers land-based, wireless broadband in Marshfield, Plainfield, East Montpelier, and Calais. "This is an exciting day for Cloud Alliance as we take this opportunity to spread the company's reach to help rural Vermonters demanding broadband access," said Michael Birnbaum, general manager of Cloud Alliance.

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For Immediate Release: April 15, 2010

Christopher Campbell named Executive Director of VTA

Christopher Campbell, Assistant Chief Technology Officer in the Vermont Office of the Chief Technology Officer, has been named as the Executive Director of the Vermont Telecommunications Authority. "I want to thank Chris for accepting this mission at a very critical time in the extended development of the state's infrastructure," said Governor Douglas. "Chris's leadership, talent and vision will help bring these important telecommunication services to all Vermonters."

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For Immediate Release: March 8, 2010

Vermont Invites Google to Build Its Ultra High-speed Network in the Entire State of Vermont

Vermont Telecommunications Authority Vermont Invites Google to Build Its Ultra High-speed Network in the Entire State of Vermont Montpelier, Vermont - The Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) is inviting Google to build their "Fiber to Communities" ultra high-speed network in every corner of Vermont.

"An ultra high-speed statewide network would be a huge economic development opportunity for our state. Submitting a statewide application will set Vermont apart from the 1,000's of community applications that Google will likely receive. While success is a real long shot, we believe that Vermont has a great story to tell and this application may accelerate the goal to make Vermont an 'e-state'. Vermont's innovation culture, the quality of life and strong education system, will set Vermont apart from the other applicants. Plus, building a high-speed network around mountains and to remote, currently unserved, towns will make a very large statement." said Thomas Murray, Executive Director of the VTA.

Google has put out a Request for Information (RFI) looking for communities in which it will launch its "Fiber for Communities" pilot project. The project aims to build, at Google's expense, an ultra high-speed (one gigabit to the residence) fiber network in one or several communities that will reach between 50,000 and 500,000 residences within the year. The following link gives Google's description of the project: . Google does not intend to provide service to consumers. They will operate a wholesale network offering transport to any company (a phone company, Internet service provider, television or movie provider, etc.) at "reasonable terms."

Google's main criterion in choosing the communities is the ability of that community to help them build quickly. "The Vermont Telecommunications Authority, created in 2007, provides a unique entity that can represent the entire state in the process. We have strong support from Governor Douglas' administration and dozens of local towns at this point." Murray explained that "Broadband advocates across the state were emailed last week. We asked them to contact their select boards, school boards, and economic development organizations about sending the VTA letters of support for inclusion in this application by March 15th. The topic probably came up at many town meetings this week." He also requested that all towns that have not already done so to please consider such a letter. The VTA has sample letters on their web site (, in addition to other material it is making available to help spread the word.

The application is due March 26, 2010.

About the VTA: The Vermont Telecommunications Authority was established by legislation initiated by Governor Douglas and approved almost unanimously by the Vermont Legislature in 2007 to assure that every Vermonter has high-speed access to the Internet at affordable rates and that mobile phones will work all over the state by the end of 2010. is the place to visit to keep current on relevant news articles about the Internet and communication issues in Vermont. It is also the place to sign up to receive emails notifying you of new communication services in the state and ways in which you can help meet Vermont's goal.

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