How You Can Help

Vermonters are anxious to be able to make cell phone calls and access the internet at high speeds from every corner of the state. In order to accomplish this goal it will take all of us working together. Citizen participation is key to making Vermont special - especially in this case.

Property Submission

One important piece of the puzzle is finding locations where cell towers, antennae, cables, etc. can be located. Once these locations are identified, qualified, and permitted, service providers can build infrastructure faster because they have access to an inventory of properties that are available. A memorandum of understanding between the VTA and state property management has made state land and buildings available but in some places there is no state property nearby. Hilltops, silos, tops of barns, church steeples, water towers, existing towers, roofs of homes and businesses with great views, etc. can be used. Some people, businesses, towns and organizations offer the use of their property at no charge to benefit their neighbors...others negotiate for free internet access or ask for cash.

If you are interested in making your property, of any kind, available for a communications provider to consider using to deliver services, please look at the criteria below and if your location seems to be a match, consider being part of the statewide effort to improve Vermont's communications offerings.

Property Submission Form

The list that we will accumulate is available to communications providers. The providers will contact you and you should discuss your needs and requirements with them. Regional planning commissions may also request and receive this data as they develop regional technology plans.

General Guidelines 

Mandatory Requirements

  • Significant, 180-degree views
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year access to all portions of the facility

Desirable Features

  • 360-degree views
  • Proximity to electric power
  • Right-of-way, vehicular access


Land for Tower Sites

Mandatory Requirements

  • Unencumbered leased area approximately 100' x 100'

Desirable Features

  • No more than 500 feet from a public road
  • Entire area at least 100 feet from property boundaries
  • Within a zoning classification that allows communications structures


Building or Rooftop Sites

Mandatory Requirements

  • At least 30 feet tall (3 to 4 stories)
  • Capable of handling a minimum of 150 lbs./square ft. of roof loading if applicable
  • At least a 20' x 30' area for equipment on the roof, in the building, or on the ground immediately next to the building/structure

Desirable Features

  • 60 feet in height, or greater
  • Within a zoning classification that allows buildings to be modified with communications facilities
  • Capable of handling side mounted antennas
  • Flat roof